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22 June 2018: JLT’s Flowers Of Sendai gets a new lease of life

Jan Lundgren Trio’s Flowers Of Sendai has been reissued by our friends at Fog Arts, and is out today for streaming and downloading on all good digital platforms worldwide. The 10-track album was originally released in April 2014 by the small French label Bee Jazz, which closed its doors eight months later. So, unless you were lucky enough to unearth some old stock somewhere, it hasn’t been possible to buy the CD, or to stream or download the record, for nearly four years.

You’ll find the album’s cover artwork and liner notes on Fog Arts’ website at Flowers Of Sendai. And you can read a short article about the record’s genesis and content, which appeared in the March 2014 edition of Jan Lundgren News, on the label’s Conversations page. Flowers Of Sendai is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all the other major streamers, and/or as a download at platforms like iTunes and Amazon.

20 May 2018: A virtuoso performance

Man In The Fog, Jan’s 2013 solo album reissued by Fog Arts on 4 May, got a very complimentary mention – under the heading ‘CDs you should know about’ – in yesterday’s JazzWax, the must-read daily blog written by New York-based Wall Street Journal contributor, Marc Myers. For a full list of all the Jan Lundgren records re-released by Fog Arts for streaming and downloading, go here.

4 May 2018: Out of the fog – for a second time

This photo, which proudly adorns FoJL’s Facebook page, was taken at Oslo’s famous Rainbow Studio in September 2011. That’s where Jan recorded Man In The Fog, which was his first solo studio album after a professional career that had begun nearly two decades earlier. The record effectively disappeared in December 2014 when Bee Jazz, the small French label that released it in February 2013, went out of business. Happily, though, Fog Arts has now digitally reissued Man In The Fog, which means that you can download and stream the album on all the world’s decent digital platforms. These include iTunes and Amazon, as well as Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play and, of course, Spotify (click here).

The 2013 CD release of Man In The Fog brought together a total of 10 standards, interpretations of classical pieces and Lundgren originals, to which Fog Arts has added a bonus track – Jan’s version of Jerome Kern’s Yesterdays. The song was recorded at the same Rainbow sessions, but not released until 2014 when it appeared on the Japanese edition of JLT’s Flowers of Sendai (which the label is also reissuing this summer).

If you’d like to refresh your memory about Man In The Fog, you can read a short interview with Jan at Fog Arts’ Conversations page, as well as a contemporaneous review (in Swedish) here.

29 April 2018: Streaming surprise

A little to our surprise, Jan’s new album with Yosuke Sato, Furusato (see the story immediately below), is already available for streaming worldwide on Spotify (go here). Well, we think it’s worldwide. Certainly, you can find the album at both the Swedish and US Spotify sites, which means it’s probably up on all their platforms globally, as well as on the other major streamers like Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer. And, quaintly old-fashioned though it might be, if you actually want to own a digital copy of Furusato, you can download the record for around $10 a piece at iTunes (just type “Yosuke Sato” into the search function). Happy listening!

20 April 2018: Turning Japanese

You might remember that Jan Lundgren Trio did a mini-tour of Japan in June 2016, where they were joined by Yosuke Sato, the Japanese saxophonist. Yosuke is a top-class alto player who was part of the great Gregory Porter’s band until a couple of years ago, when he decided to branch out on his own. Move forward a year, and Yosuke popped up at the 2017 Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival, invited by Jan as the festival’s artistic director to inject some oriental panache into the event.

Yosuke stayed on for a couple of days after YSJF17 was over, and used the time to record Furusato, a duo album of nine Japanese folk songs with Jan at Ystads Teater (pictured here during the session). This beautiful CD – and we know it’s lovely, because FoJL has been given a sneak digital preview by the wondrously polite and friendly Yosuke (who also speaks and writes spectacularly good English) –  will be released in Japan on 27 April. You’ll be able to obtain digital copies, too, from the Japanese platforms of iTunes, Amazon, etc.

The album’s release in Europe and other regions will come later. If you can’t wait until then, though, get in touch with Yosuke at his Facebook page, and he’ll no doubt be delighted to post you a CD or two if you cross his palm with the right amount of yen. It’ll be worth it, because Furusato really is a stunning album.

29 March 2018: Back to the (recent) future

FoJL’s friends at Fog Arts will soon be digitally reissuing two of Jan’s more recent albums for streaming and downloading. After a career spanning two decades, Man In The Fog was his first-ever solo studio album, and it’s still only one of two solo studio recordings that Jan’s released; the other is All By Myself (Fresh Sound, 2014). Man In The Fog sits neatly in Fog Arts’ catalogue alongside Jan’s so far only live solo album, History Of Piano Jazz (2006), which the label reissued in September last year. Man In The Fog will be out on 4 May. Then, in the summer, Fog Arts will reissue Jan Lundgren Trio’s Flowers Of Sendai (2014), which Jan recorded in 2013 with his long-time bandmates Mattias Svensson (bass) and Zoltan Csörsz (drums).

Both albums were originally released on the short-lived French label, Bee Jazz, which folded in December 2014. So, although they’re still very ‘young’ records, neither has been in print for well over three years. It’s great to see them being made available again.


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