JLTOne of the questions we’re asked most at FoJL is “When and where is Jan playing next?”. A lot of the time you’ll find the answer on the Concerts page of Yet we sometimes come across gigs that seem to have slipped through the net and haven’t appeared on Jan’s official site. So we’re going to experiment with our own listing for a while, and see whether it makes life a bit easier. If there’s no venue mentioned below, it’s because we don’t know exactly where the concert is taking place – which means you’ll have to do some detective work with the help of your favourite internet search engine.


24 October: Rustaveli Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia – Mare Nostrum II (Lundgren, Fresu Galliano)

26 October: Beogradski Jazz Festival, Belgrade, Serbia – A tribute to Jan Johansson (Lundgren, Svensson, string quartet)

29 October: Illipse, Illingen, Germany – Magnum Mysterium (Lundgren, Danielsson, Landesjugendchor Saar)

1 November: Flensburghaus, Flensburg, Germany – Tribute to Stan Getz & Jan Johansson (Lundgren, Allen, Fischer, Backenroth, Leth)

2 November: Godset, Kolding, Denmark – Tribute to Stan Getz & Jan Johansson (Lundgren, Allen, Fischer, Backenroth, Leth)

4 November: Höganäs Jazz, Höganäs, Sweden – Lundgren, Svensson [Hannah]

5 November: Great Jazz Club, Linköping, Sweden – JLT (Lundgren, Svensson, Csörsz)

11 November: Forum Mariengymnasium, Essen, Germany – Potsdamer Quartet (Lundgren, Perko, Berglund, Lund)

21 November: Baltic Philharmonic, Gdansk, Poland – Mare Nostrum II (Lundgren, Fresu, Galliano)

26 November: St Moriz-Kirche, Coburg, Germany – Magnum Mysterium (Lundgren, Backenroth, Kantorei St Moriz)

2 December: Friedenskirche, Ratingen, Germany – Magnum Mysterium (Lundgren, bassist [TBA], choir [TBA])

5-6 December: Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland – Magnum Mysterium (Lundgren, bassist [TBA], choir [TBA])


7 March: Konzerthaus Die Glocke, Bremen, Germany – Mare Nostrum II (Lundgren, Fresu, Galliano)

11 March: Nicolaissal, Potsdam, Germany – Mare Nostrum II (Lundgren, Fresu, Galliano)

28 March: Heidelberger Frühling, Heidelberg, Germany – Mare Nostrum II (Lundgren, Fresu, Galliano)

21 July: L’Estartit Jazz Festival, L’Estartit, Spain – Mare Nostrum II (Lundgren, Fresu, Galliano)

22 September: Pyschiatrische Klinik, Münsterlingen, Switzerland – Mare Nostrum II (Lundgren, Fresu, Galliano)