Seleted recordings with Jan as sideman

Kind Of Spain

2017 ACT

With: Wolfgang Haffner (drums), Sebastian Studnitzky (trumpet), Daniel Stelter (guitar), Christopher Dell (vibraphone), Lars Danielsson (bass).


NLSome Other Time

2016 ACT

With: Nils Landgren (trombone & vocals), Janis Siegel (vocals), Dieter Ilg (bass), Wolfgang Haffner (drums), plus members of the Bochumer Symphoniker.


Best Things In LifeThe Best Things In Life

2015 Stunt

With: Karin Krog (vocals), Scott Hamilton (tenor sax), Hans Backenroth (bass), Kristian Leth (drums).


Layout 1Kind Of Cool

2015 ACT

With: Wolfgang Haffner (drums), Christopher Dell (vibraphone), Dan Berglund (bass), Dusko Goykovich (trumpet), Jukka Perko (alto sax), plus guests.


Each Little Moment

Each Little Moment

2014 Volenza

With: Hannah Svensson (vocals), Ewan Svensson (guitar), Morten Ramsbøl (bass), Kristian Leth (drums).


Swedish BalladsSwedish Ballads… & More

2013 Stunt

With: Scott Hamilton (tenor sax), Jesper Lundgaard (bass), Kristian Leth (drums).


Copenhagen ConnectionCopenhagen Connection

2009 Gazell

With: Pelle Trazan Jonasson (drums), Jesper Lundgaard (bass), Nisse Sandström (sax).


Ralph RaingerThe Film Music Of Ralph Rainger: Thanks For The Memory

2008 Fresh Sound

With: Chuck Berghofer (bass), Joe LaBarbera (drums), Sue Raney (vocals).



2005 Music Mecca

Jesper Thilo (tenor sax), Jesper Lundgaard (bass).


It's Fine It's Andy!It’s Fine… It’s Andy!

2002 Fresh Sound

With: Andy Martin (trombone), Tom Warington (bass), Paul Kreibich (drums).



2001 Fresh Sound

With: Arne Domnérus (alto sax, clarinet), Tom Warington (bass), Paul Kreibich (drums).


Conte NuityConte-Nuity

1999 Fresh Sound

With: Conte Candoli (trumpet), Chuck Berghofer (bass), Joe LaBarbera (drums).


You're Looking At MeYou’re Looking At Me

1998 Fresh Sound

With: Herb Geller (alto & soprano sax), Dave Carpenter (bass), Joe LaBarbera (drums).


Portrait of a CountPortrait Of A Count

1998 Fresh Sound

With: Conte Candoli (trumpet), Chuck Berghofer (bass), Joe LaBarbera (drums).


I Remember CliffordI Remember Clifford

1994 Pama

With: Kjell-Åke Persson (trumpet), Karl-Martin Almavist (tenor sax), Jimmy Ludwigsson (bass), Per-Arne Tollbom (drums).


Sugar FingersSugar Fingers

1993 Phontastic

With: Arne Domnérus (alto sax, clarinet), Sture Åkerberg (bass), Johan Löfcrantz (drums), Lars Erstrand (vibes).


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