10 June 2014: Keyboard poetryÖstersund

There’s a short review of Flowers Of Sendai on the website of Länstidningen Östersund (LT), a newspaper in Östersund (above). It’s the main city of Jämtland, which is a county in the middle of Sweden where, among other things, you can do some really good skiing. LT is not one of the world’s most widely-read publications, we know, but we like the reviewer’s enthusiasm: “Lundgren is a poet at his keyboard, meticulously expressive, nuanced and elegant… Everything is so exquisitely beautiful and well balanced…”. Precisely.

5 June 2014: Tuesdays are perfect for Jan

France MusiqueJan will be a guest on the Un mardi idéal (‘A perfect Tuesday’) programme of France Musique, another part of the venerable Radio France group, on Tuesday 17 June. The show runs from 2230 to 2400 CET, and you’ll be able to listen to it on the radio, through the internet or as a podcast. Keep an eye on the programme’s web page for details: Un mardi idéal.

4 June 2014: Beating those Malmö blues

Jan in MalmöIf you’re worried about being bored on your next trip to Malmö, look no further than Jan’s personal tips (in Swedish) on how to have a great time in Sweden’s third largest city: Jan in Malmö. We’ve no idea how or why this piece happened, but we’re including it here anyway – under the category of “curious” (or, perhaps, “just plain odd”).

4 June 2014: C’est si bon

FIP logoThe unstoppable Flowers Of Sendai juggernaut just keeps rolling forward. Fresh from storming the Czech Republic, it moves on to France where, from 9 to 15 June, it’s the ‘jazz album of the week’ on FIP Radio. FIP is part of the Radio France group, and plays more or less continuous, commercial-free music. You can listen to FIP on your radio if you live in or near France, or you can stream it from the internet: FIP stream.

2 June 2014: Czech this out

Czech RadioFlowers Of Sendai is currently ‘album of the week’ on Czech Radio Jazz, broadcast 24 hours a day on the internet and through various other digital platforms (go to Czech Radio Jazz for details). There’s also a review of the album on the station’s website which, although FoJL’s Czech is non-existent, Google Translate suggests is highly positive.

27 May 2014: Flowers… and more

DIG Jazz logoYet another fine review of the Trio’s new album at the Swedish internet jazz magazine, DIG Jazz: Flowers Of Sendai review (or view it as a PDF: DIG Jazz JL reviews). And, if you scroll down the DIG Jazz page, you can read reviews for a number of Jan’s other recordings (but only if you understand Swedish).

26 May 2014: Flawless Flowers

DN front Mar 14A very good review of Flowers Of Sendai appeared in last Wednesday’s edition of Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden’s leading national newspapers: DN review 21 May 2014. Non-Swedish speakers should take a look anyway, and see if they can spot the words for compliments like “flawless craftsmanship” and “timeless beauty”.

26 May 2014: Torgil talks Lundgren

Torgil bookTorgil Rosenberg, genial founder of Volenza, the Swedish label that Jan records on with the Artistry Jazz Group, tells us he’s written a second volume of memoirs, Look for the silver lining (available at Volenza’s website). One of the chapters deals in depth with last year’s Copenhagen recordings that Jan initiated and produced for new Swedish talents, and which FoJL wrote about in the March 2014 edition of JLN. (Don’t be deceived by the book’s English title; Torgil’s memoir is in Swedish.)

21 May 2014: How to give a good gig

logoThere’s quite a long article (in Swedish) about the Trio in the 20 May edition of Sydsvenskan, the newspaper for the Swedish region of Skåne. Read it here: Trio article. Among other things, Jan and the band offer their top tips for a successful live performance – the kind where the audience feels it was really worth the ticket price.

19 May 2014: Five minutes with Jan

Ystads AllehandaWe’ve just found this fun video on the website of Ystads Allehanda (Ystad’s local newspaper): Jan Lundgren om kulturpriset. In less than five minutes, a cheerful Jan talks about pretty much everything, ranging from his first piano lesson to what it’s like to be on tour. The video is in Swedish, but you’ll get the picture. Note Mr Lundgren’s lovely Steinway.

16 May 2014: Tearing and pulling

JAnother review (in English) of Flowers Of Sendai at Marlbank. We particularly like the author’s description of Jan “tearing and pulling” at the scale of the Flowers title track (which, of course, he’s perfectly entitled to do, given that it was Jan who composed the song…).

14 May 2014: Lundgren country

På Österlen pageAn extended article about Jan (in Swedish) appears in the Easter/April edition of På Österlen. You can read it here: På Österlen April 2014. På Österlen is a fantastic publication that covers the cultural scene in the southeastern part of Skåne – you know, the southern bit of Sweden where Ystad is. If you want to get hold of a copy of the magazine itself, go to På Österlen.

13 May 2014: Jan joins the playlist of US internet radio station

Jazz groove logoA wide variety of Jan’s music is now on the playlist of San Francisco-based internet radio station, The Jazz Groove ( Give the website a visit, and you’ll quickly see why The Jazz Groove attracts hundreds of thousands of listeners every day. FoJL is fascinated by the whole thing – not just because the station plays the music of Jan Lundgren and other great artists without commercials, but because it’s so convenient, user-friendly and, well, modern.

12 May 2014: Interviews coming…

bremen_erleben_deJan tells us that he spent two days in late April at the jazzahead! get-together in Bremen, Germany. It’s basically a trade fair for the jazz industry, where artists, agents, promoters and festivals from all over the world ‘network’ with each other. Jan didn’t perform, but he did do 10 or 12 interviews. So there should be lots of interesting pieces about Jan in the European/international music press appearing soon – especially in specialist German jazz journals.

11 May 2014: French and UK Flowers Of Sendai reviews

Flowers Of SendaiWe’ve stumbled across two recent reviews of the Trio’s new album. The first (in French) is in the May edition of France’s top music magazine, Classica. Read the review here: Choc de Classica May 2014.Choc de Classica ( Mai 2014)

The second review (in English) appears on a UK-based website for hifi enthusiasts:

10 May 2014: When Harry met Jan

Jan & Harry AllenJan’s doing three gigs in the Stockholm area soon that haven’t yet appeared on the Concerts page of He’s with American saxophonist Harry Allen (plus band), and they’re playing the Jan Johansson-Stan Getz tribute they did at Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival last August. Catch them at Katalin in Uppsala on 22 May – – or at two performances on 23 May at Teater Lederman – – in Stockholm city.