About us

BThe Friends of Jan Lundgren is an informal grouping of fans. It has no staff and no financial resources. Anything and everything we do is done because we admire Jan’s music, we’re interested in what influences and inspires him, and we think his work deserves the widest possible audience.

Jan helps us by regularly sharing his experiences, thoughts and insights. He is fully behind the Friends initiative, and he’s keen to hear what you, his listeners, have to say. At the same time, FoJL works closely with Jan’s management company in Switzerland, HR Music, which is responsible for running his official website, janlundgren.com.

Guy 4 22 NovSwedish StandardsFoJL’s founder and secretary is Guy Jones, who also writes the Updates page on this site and JLN. He was born in England in 1962 and grew up surrounded by jazz as the son of a semi-pro pianist. He’s been a fan of Jan Lundgren since buying a copy of Swedish Standards while on a business trip to Stockholm in 1997, convinced that it would sound exactly like the Jan Johansson JLT childrenclassic from his childhood, Jazz På Svenska (which, of course, it doesn’t). Having spent most of his life in London, and a bit of it in Sydney, he moved with his Swedish wife and children to Stockholm in 2010, where he works as a business development consultant to professional and financial services firms. He is the co-author of a book about competitive jazz_pa_svenskatendering, published by the Financial Times, and he has a degree in history from University College London.Facebook logo 2
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